YOUNGSTERS in Welling are making their school a greener place by launching an ‘eco-committee.’

Pupils at East Wickham Junior School, in Wickham Street, put themselves forward to be a part of the 12-strong committee which began in October.

The committee recently supported EDF energy’s ‘switch-off fortnight,’ where every member was responsible for saving energy around the school.

Pupils switched off lights in classrooms, closed doors and turned off un-used computers.

School business manager Julie Rattenbury said: “Members had to write a letter saying why they wanted to be in the committee as we wanted pupils that really wanted to learn and be part of the eco programme to help us make a difference in our school.

“We hope the outcome is that our pupils practise saving energy in their own homes.”

Committee members are also giving out stickers to pupils they see saving energy, for example switching off the lights without being reminded.

The school teaches 306 students aged between seven and 11.