A CAMPAIGNER fighting to save a derelict pub from demolition was evicted by bailiffs on Monday.

Minty Challis and her dog had been staying at the Green Man pub, Bromley Road, Catford, for the past six weeks to campaign against its demolition.

Developer Renewal Beckenham Limited has applied for planning permission to knock down the pub to make way for four and five-storey flats with 45 parking spaces.

Miss Challis, who campaigned for the building to be turned into a community centre, did not resist as she was escorted off the premises by police.

Speaking after the eviction, she told News Shopper: "I've made my point.

"This building should not fall into the hands of the developer.

"I will still support residents in their campaign to stop the demolition."

Bob Chambers, who has leafleted 500 households objecting to the proposal, said: "It is worrying now Minty has left because the building does not have a sympathetic guardian.

"We won't give up and will keep leafleting people."

The planning proposal was due to be considered on August 31 but was postponed because of "legal reasons".

Whitefoot councillor Dan Houghton said: "The head of law has still not given me a full clear reason why the meeting was pulled.

"I will be considering using the Freedom of Information Act to find out why it was cancelled."

Cllr Houghton added: "I think the people appreciated Minty took an interest in what was going on.

"The building is at risk as you don't need planning permission to demolish the pub and the building is not listed."