A SCHOOLBOY was left permanently disfigured after being attacked by vicious Staffordshire Bull Terriers - but nothing can be done because of a legal technicality.

Kane Thomas, 12, was attacked at a block of flats in Eastney Street, Greenwich, leaving him with horrific injuries to his leg.

But, to his family’s shock, on the very day the dogs’ owner was due to be tried last week the case collapsed.

Outrageously, because the tower block where this attack happened had a lock on the front door, it cannot be classified as a public place, meaning no charge can be brought under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The Crown Woods pupil, from Blackheath Hill, had been visiting his aunt’s house in March when the animals barked and jumped at him before turning on Kane when he tried to fend them off.

While attempting to run away, the boy was bitten on the leg by one of three dogs, before being dragged to the ground by the animal - who had been named Bronson.

News Shopper: Kane Thomas

Kane, now 13, said: “One of the dogs ran up to me and jumped up. It was nice and friendly.

“The other one was growling and tried to jump up and get my neck.

“I pushed it down and it tried to bite my leg.

“I was screaming ‘get off, get off, help me’.”

He was only saved when a passer-by intervened, releasing the boy from the dog’s bite.

Ms Thomas, 29, said: “I didn’t know what to expect. There was blood pouring out in his shoe and there was yellow flesh. You could see fat pushing out of the holes.

As a result of his injuries Kane was taken to Lewisham Hospital and then transferred to St Thomas’ where he required skin grafts and underwent a number of operations to repair the damage to his leg.

He missed two months of school and is now terrified of even going to the park, for fear of being attacked again.

Ms Thomas, who wanted the dog put down, said: “It took a whole chunk out of his life, not just his leg.

“Kane will remember this attack for the rest of his life and the scars will be an unwelcome reminder.”


News Shopper: News Shopper launches campaign against dangerous dogs

YET again a horrific incident involving a Staffordshire Bull Terrier has made a mockery of current dangerous dog legislation.

This innocent young victim will see no justice, and why not? Because the attack occurred on private land.

If Kane had been mauled just outside the block’s front door, the dog owner could have been held to account.

Instead she has escaped any punishment while Kane will bear the scars for the rest of his life.

Ms Thomas said: “So many children are attacked. This dog actually went for Kane’s throat but he was strong enough to push it down.

“I’m just happy my son is still here. Other children might not be so lucky.

“We fully support any measures to help control dogs so that others don’t suffer as my son has.”

Since September 28 News Shopper has been campaigning to extend the law to include dog attacks on private land.

We feel this would help protect people like Kane as well as workers such as postmen and carers.