USE of a new multi-million pound square by skateboarders is “unacceptable” and needs to be stopped, a councillor has admitted.

Councillor Denise Hyland made the comments in a letter to News Shopper after we highlighted the damage being done to General Gordon Square in Woolwich.

The square recently underwent a complete renovation as part of a £6.6m project but concerned residents had complained skaters were turning it into a no go area.

Cllr Hyland, who is Greenwich Council’s cabinet member for regeneration, said steps would now be taken to stop the skaters.

She said in her letter: “As a new and exciting public space, the square is proving so popular that it has, unfortunately, also attracted skateboarders.

“Many people find skateboarding quite threatening, and frankly it is an inappropriate and unacceptable activity for such a busy place.

“I would like to reassure your readers that Greenwich Council is aware of people's concerns and is taking action over the next few weeks to eradicate the skateboarding problem, using minor engineering works to the square's surface.

“There remain alternative venues in the borough for skateboarders to have fun - and the message is that the square is definitely not suitable.”