TWO cheeky chappies with a nose for business hope to pay off their student debts by using their own faces as advertising hoardings.

Ross Harper and friend Ed Moyse came up with the idea over a delicious chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle as they neared their final year exams at Cambridge this summer.

Their website - - proudly declares: "For the next 366 days, our faces are your faces. Buy a day, upload an image and we'll display it on our faces for the whole world to see."

From new products to special occasions, even marriage proposals, their mugs - described as "biological real estate" - are available for hire.

Ross Harper, 21, from Blackheath Standard explained: "We've always been writing down ideas for projects.

News Shopper: Ross and Ed om

"Coming towards the end of our time at university, we thought could apply for internships and start job hunting or do what we'd really like to do.

"So we started thinking what can we do that won't cost anything and will pay off our debt?"

The pair decided to use facepaint as an advertising tool, showcasing a different brand each day with the price gradually rising throughout the year.

Each day they upload a picture of their painted faces to their website and then hit the road.

And, in a festive twist, the pair will be auctioning off their Christmas Day faces for charity.

News Shopper: Ross and Ed om

Mr Harper, a neuroscience graduate said: "The charm and novelty is we're literally selling our faces.

"People are going to point and laugh. The important thing is we don't think people who we care about are going to laugh at us, they'll laugh with us.

"We're aware this is quirky but that's the charm of it."

With most of their first month booked up already, dedicated Facebook followers and interest from Japanese companies, their target of selling a face for every day does not look impossible. But they do draw the line somewhere.

Mr Harper said: "I'm very happy to laugh at myself and to poke fun but I refuse to upset other people."

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