OWNERS of Greenwich's most controversial chicken say they will turn down an offer of a new home for him.

Ellis Hart, 17, of Inigo Road, Charlton, and neighbour George King have been told by Greenwich Council they must get rid of Terence the cockerel because the animals are banned in built-up environments.

Now the council says it has found a place willing to take Terence on for a £20 fee - the Retreat animal centre in Longfield, Kent.

Mr King, who describes Terence as his "mate", has until today (Sept 26) to accept the offer but said he wanted to keep his feathered friend.

Ellis said: "We want somewhere closer so we can go and visit him."

The pair say Terence is popular in the street, though one neighbour has taken to shouting out "cock-a-f***ing-doodle-do" when he crows.