Gravesham constituency is set to lose its name under the new plans which will see it renamed as Gravesend.

The boundary of the constituency will change under the plans as the ward of Hartley and Hodsoll Street, currently part of the Sevenoaks constituency, will move into the new Gravesend constituency.

The Boundary Commission for England has released a new report proposing boundary changes across the country in order to reduce the total number of constituencies.

The number of MPs in England will be reduced from 533 to 502, with Kent losing one seat.

Gravesham MP Adam Holloway said: “I’m really glad I’m not going to lose any electors. It will be interesting to go down to the new ward to see what’s down there.

“My ideal name would be ‘Gravesend, Northfleet and villages’ which would reflect the area better. If you live in Northfleet you do not live in Gravesend.”

The Gravesham constituency was previously known as Gravesend until it was renamed in 1983 but some local people are concerned about the name change.

Local historian Christoph Bull said: “I don’t want the name to change because it doesn’t reflect the constituency. Gravesham consists of more than Gravesend. It’s rude to call it Gravesend, what about all the other places?”

There is a 12 week consultation on the proposals which starts on September 13.