ADAM Buxton, one half of comedy duo Adam & Joe, brought his show to the Greenwich Comedy Festival to prove you can create around 90-minutes of laughs from trawling YouTube for bizarre music videos and wars of words between the viewers.

Bug celebrates a number of cult music videos made by directors worldwide, as well as giving Buxton the chance to showcase some of his daft but very cleverly made creations.

Aside from projecting videos onto a big screen, there are other visual treats, most notably Buxton's version of the test card as the wallpaper to his computer as well as humourous ideas and file names dotted about on his desktop which included a calendar where the name of each month was made more smutty and a hilariously rude pub name which I dare not repeat here.

The opening video Buxton showed was one of his own creations, proving his status as a sex therapist by cleverly intercutting him giving advice to a couple - Prince William and Kate - much to the amusement of the crowd inside the festival's big top.

The next video, unsurprisingly considering the controversial content, created a lot of debate on YouTube for Buxton to highlight.

The film for Is Tropical by The Greeks showed a group of young boys playing war games with toys around the house and their street but with cartoon special effects showing blood being splattered, explosions, and the execution of an elderly neighbour.

Needless to say, there were plenty of comments left about the video, and Buxton showed a selection of them on the big screen, making fun of some of the usernames and any examples of poor spelling as well as tracking some of the verbal sparring between viewers.

After another video of some adult contraptions for a Dutch R 'n' B act, it was time for Buxton to share a few more of his creations.

The first was a literal take on Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl which included Buxton starring as a talking piece of faeces and an amusing section featuring bananas being fired from Stefani's behind.

The second was a clip called identifying Moby.

Buxton explained Moby's trademark look of bald head, thick framed glasses and stubble was being copied by other celebrities.

As a selection of faces scrolled across the big screen, Buxton rapped his way through them all, from Moby and Michael Stipe to Bruce Willis, Michael Chiklis and Gregg Wallace.

The Masterchef presenter would feature again, after a Roots Manuva video where the rapper returns to his old school to take on and beat a group of kids at their sports day, which confused a number of viewers who posted dumb comments.

Then there was a viral of Gregg Wallace and John Torode's comments from Masterchef cut together to form a drum and bass, or rather a drum and biscuit base track, while Buxton highlighted a second viral of a group of Turkish men performing dance moves even a drunken dad at a wedding would be ashamed of, set to a high-tempo dance track.

Other videos highlighted included the history of Russia to the tune of Tetris by The Pig With The Face Of A Boy and Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra, both of which were full of stunning effects.

As the show drew to a close, there was still time for Buxton's less coy take on Pull Up To The Bumper by Grace Jones followed by his live performance of a sketch he did for Rush Hour on BBC Three.

A dad in his car plays a sweary song by NWA telling the police to go forth and multiply, only to turn the volume down during the swearing so his children won't hear it and replace the aggressive lyrices with more child-friendly alternatives.

The NWA fans who watched it on YouTube were not particularly complimentary and a number of rows broke out between viewers which looked like they would never end.

Talking of endings, the show was now over after around 90 minutes, and time really did fly by.

I could have quite happily watched more of Buxton's show, but with the flow of music videos posted online showing no sign of stopping, there will soon be plenty of new material for his future shows at the British Film Institute on the South Bank.

I would advise music video and comedy fans to check when Buxton will next be performing, as I've certainly got the bug for another show.