A CARROT mob has descended on Lewisham Market to help it recover from last week’s riots.

Concerned about the effects looting has had on the town centre, Lewisham Central councillor Mike Harris organised the mass shop via Twitter.

Scores of people turned up at Lewisham Clock Tower at midday today before turning to the market to buy produce from stall holders.

Speaking at the event Councillor Harris said: “I just thought there has to be a way that we can get lots of local people together and help the community, and so I came up with the idea of the carrot mob.

“It is way that people can do something and get something in return.

“It helps the market traders who have lost two days' business and people get nice fruit and veg.”

He added: “We met on Wednesday to discuss what we can do as a council. We talked to the mayor about it and he has waived the fees for traders for a week to make up for the loss of their trade.”

The market was closed on Tuesday (August 9) and Wednesday (August 10) because of the riots across London.

Cabinet member for strategy and communications, Councillor Damien Egan was also part of the mob.

Speaking about the community’s reaction to the riots he said: “I think people were angry and shocked. It is not what you would expect and is not reflective of Lewisham.

“I feel that Lewisham is a pretty cohesive community so when something like this happens there is shock.”