Greenwich Conservatives have condemned the widespread violence and looting that has affected many parts of Greenwich Borough.

Many shops in Woolwich have been vandalised, the Great Harry pub set on fire, and emergency services have come under attack.

Other criminal incidents have been reported in Charlton, Eltham, Blackheath and other areas.

The Conservative Group on Greenwich Council have been briefed overnight on the disturbances, and have offered their full support in efforts to deal with its effects.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Councillor Nigel Fletcher, said: "These are quite dreadful scenes of criminal activity and lawlessness.

"There is absolutely no excuse for behaviour like this, which has left buildings in ruins and residents in fear.

"The situation is still developing, but we are extremely grateful to our brave emergency services, who have risked their lives in the face of appalling violence to try and defend our neighbourhoods.

"I plan to meet the Leader of the Council early in the morning to discuss the situation, and how we respond to it.

"Residents with any relevant information should pass it onto the police, and Conservative ward councillors are available to help with any other concerns.

"Those who have attacked our communities must be brought to justice and pay for their crimes."