AS RIOTING continues across south east London tonight, the manager of a bar which was ransacked by thugs is counting the cost of the damage.

Rioters smashed their way into the Dirty South in Lee High Road, Lewisham, at around 7pm, and laid waste to the boozer and live music venue.

They broke through windows, and then smashed into fruit machines and fridges, grabbing cash and alcohol.

Manager Laura Warby said: "I was not here when it happened, I got here just afterwards.

"I was just shocked and disgusted. I have no idea why they would attack our place.

"It's going to cost thousands of pounds to repair as they have smashed the windows, smashed fridges, taken alcohol and smashed fruit machines and taken cash."

She added: "I'm hoping we'll be back open again by next weekend, but I don't know."

Member of staff Ed Smith says he stopped passing riot police and asked them to help protect the bar in case more rioters came along.

Mr Smith said: "I asked the riot police for help and their exact words were 'f*** off, I have got bigger things to deal with'."

One eyewitness says one of the looters badly gashed his leg when he fly-kicked a window.

The eyewitness said the injured man's companions then stopped a passing car, yanked out the driver and passenger, got inside and sped away.