A VIDEO showing a woman eating dog mess has been launched in protest against people putting dog fouling before young people's issues.

During the three minute film, youth worker Melissa Knight appears to eat dog mess in Mayow Park in front of horrified onlookers.

Miss Knight, of Ommaney Road, New Cross, said: “Dog poo takes up a lot of time at local assembly meetings.

“It is an important issue and is horrible but young people are more important than dog poo.”

A group of nine teenagers from Sydenham and Forest Hill Youth Forum (SFHYF) helped to create the video ahead of the charity’s new fundraising campaign.

SFHYF is appealing for people to donate £2 a month where local organisations for young people can then bid for the cash.

Miss Knight, who has worked for the charity since 2008, said: “We really would like people who can afford it to give a couple of pounds a month and make a difference.

“For small organisations it means a secure replenishing pot of local funding which offers a security that their weekly workshops or groups won’t be subject to funding cuts.”

The 28-year-old added: “Residents can see their donations directly reinvested in the area. They can simply walk to the nearby project and speak to the workers to see how it’s going.”

Chairman of Lewisham Council’s children and young people select committee, Councillor John Paschoud, said: “When I talk with young people and persuade them to participate in local assemblies I've heard the same complaint about what people's priorities seem to be, dog poo over creative activities.

“The Youth Forum's idea of many people subscribing small amounts to create a sizeable fund to support youth activities is a really good one, but it needs publicity and this sort of viral video may be just the thing.”