TENANTS of a housing association are still being left without heating after it was turned off to save money.

People living in flats at Grace Path, Sydenham, run by Lewisham Homes, had their heating switched off in June and, despite requests and the variable summer weather, nothing has been done about it.

Last month, News Shopper reported how the same problem was affecting people in Kenton Court - until the heating was mysteriously turned back on when we paid them a visit.

Grace Path resident Phyllis Lock, 83, had the same problem and was given a portable heater last month.

But her neighbours are not so lucky and now 35-year-old teacher Sarah Reimer has organised a petition singed by 24 out of 36 tenants to get something done.

She said: “I was assured by Lewisham Homes that if we could prove half the people wanted the heating on all year round they’d do it.

“We were told we’d hear from them by June 24. It’s quite frustrating that we haven’t.”

She said: “It’s not just old people that live here, there are lots of vulnerable people. There are single mums with kids, couples with children, quite a few disabled people.

“Obviously people with limited mobility get incredibly cold. It’s also impossible to dry clothing.”

Ms Reimer, who lives with seven-month-old daughter Bryony, says people just want the option of being able to heat their homes.

News Shopper: Ann White, 58, and Maureen Young, 81, try to keep warm She said: “If you’re hot, well, you’ll turn the heating down.

“Most people don’t want it on all the time anyway - you want it in the bathroom or first thing in the morning.”

A Lewisham Homes spokesman said: “Some of our blocks have communal heating systems, of which Grace Path is one.

"Each year the heating is turned off over the summer months to ensure that residents are not paying for heating they do not require.

“We sent a letter to all Grace Path residents on the 23 June 2011 to explain that while some residents want the heating left on all year round, others are unhappy with this as they do not want to have to pay for it.

"The letter also explains that once we have received the costs for the yearly heating, we will provide residents with the estimated cost of their weekly heating charges for the next year.

"The final decision on whether the heating will be left on all year round will depend on residents’ response to the new heating charge."