A SHOP had its licence revoked following an unauthorised royal wedding street party which ended in a shooting.

Lewisham Council’s licensing committee saw CCTV footage showing the flashes of gunfire on April 29, sending around 600 revellers fleeing down Upper Brockley Road.

Following the melee, pictures showed one man walking calmly down the street, carrying what police claim was a gun.

The Met claims that the road’s Super Cuts shop helped organise the party and cabling was running from the store to power a massive soundsystem.

Footage taken over the course of the day showed a motorbike flying the wrong way down the street, gang members congregating and an ambulance struggling to make its way through the crowds following an unexplained callout.

Met lawyer Nicholas Yeo said: “Over a number of years the premises has developed a reputation for causing anti social behaviour in the immediate area.”

He claimed alcohol was often served from the shop in open containers, including slush puppies laced with rum, and people would hang around outside boozing and being “loud and abusive”. News Shopper: Cllr Darren Johnson

Ward councillor Darren Johnson said this was the “tip of the iceberg” residents had their lives blighted by the shop for years, but felt too intimidated to come to the committee and give evidence.

He said about the party: “It wasn’t for the community - it was something that was imposed on the community.”

The shop’s licence was revoked on the grounds of preventing public nuisance and crime and disorder.


Super Cuts, whose manager Claudius Johnson laughed throughout the hearing, denied having anything to do with the party and says it will appeal.

Solicitor Dwain Coward said afterwards: “The licensees have not contributed to crime and disorder or public nuisance and we hope that justice will be done.” News Shopper: GUN blasts, drugs and urination - Brockley's royal wedding street party

Afterwards, Councillor Duwayne Brooks, who was at the party, said he was “disgusted” with the decision.

He claimed the CCTV did not show the shop organising the party, cabling running to the soundsystem, or people buying drink from the shop.

Cllr Brooks said: “Everything they spoke about is nonsense.

“There’s nothing that shows the shop was involved.”

He added: “Whenever it’s black people, there’s always talk about violence and intimidation.”