WHAT would Wills and Kate have made of it? A royal wedding street party which featured gun blasts and alleged drug deals could spell the end of a shop’s licence.

Super Cuts in Upper Brockley Road is having its licence reviewed on July 13 after an unauthorised street party attended by up to 600 people on April 29 which was so loud that homes nearby were shaking.

Concerned people called police 35 times to report revellers allegedly dealing drugs, urinating in the street, and guzzling alcohol from the convenience store.

Others reported seeing a gun and shots being fired into the crowd up to eight times, sending people fleeing the party - some of which was captured on CCTV.

One caller reported gangs fighting and bricks being thrown.

Though the shop denies responsibility, Lewisham’s Licensing Sergeant Tracy Sharpe claims cabling was seen coming from Super Cuts to power the soundsystem and it fuelled the chaos by providing alcohol.

In her report, she writes: “Although the Met cannot prove that staff from the venue organised the event, there is direct evidence the venue was implicit in the running of it, they have allowed their premises to be used as the source for providing the street entertainment.”

She said: “It is only by sheer luck that no one was seriously injured or killed.”

Numerous people have written to Lewisham Council complaining about ongoing problems outside the shop, claiming it serves alcohol in “slush puppie” cups and drinking outside creates an intimidating atmosphere.

One said it is so bad he is selling his house - but can only have prospective buyers round at quiet times of the day.

News Shopper: Cllr Darren Johnson “It’s gone on for far too long”

Ward councillor Darren Johnson said: “It’s been a long-running problem locally and I’ve had so many complaints about it - loud music, cars pulling up at all hours, crowds out on the street drinking night after night.

“The presence of an off-licence just seems to exacerbate the situation.

“It seems to operate more like a bar or a pub really, where people go to get their drinks to drink out on the street in plastic cups.”

He added: “This has gone on for far too long. Residents are just sick of it now.”

News Shopper: Asher Johnson at Super Cuts “They’re trying to shut us down”

Manager Asher Johnson said: “For the last 10 years police and the council have been on to us to police the area outside the shop.”

He said: “There’s nothing we can do about it - it’s a public area.

“The street party wasn’t organised by us. When the police came down, nobody came in to speak to us about it.”

He denied the shop served alcohol in open containers, saying: “They’re trying to shut us down.

“A lot of it’s about perception. We’ve got a a lot of black guys standing round talking and it can look bad.

“People have said we use it like a bar. It’s just not true.”