AN MP has called for advertisers to boycott the News of the World over phone hacking allegations.

Eltham’s Clive Efford made the call during a Commons debate on the issue yesterday.

A number of firms including Ford, Halifax, Virgin Holidays and The Co-operative Group have pulled their ads from the paper after recent allegations, including that murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler’s phone was hacked.

Mr Efford said: “I say to people who may be purchasing goods from those organisations, or thinking of buying a new mobile phone, that they should not trade with companies that do not stand side by side with the ordinary person in the street who is outraged at what has gone on in News International.

He added: “Only if ordinary people make a stand will we stop these rich people—rich people who have invaded the lives of ordinary people in the street—making themselves even richer and even more powerful.

“Only by hurting them where it really matters—in their profits—will the ordinary person in the street influence their behaviour in the future.”