A FORMER member of the rap group So Solid Crew has 432,000 seconds to go before he has worked off his debt for attacking his teenage girlfriend.

Darren Weir, 32, known as Skat D in the group which made the hit song 21 Seconds, has been ordered to do 120 hours (432,000 seconds) unpaid work after hitting the 17-year-old girl in the face.

Weir, of Freelands Road, Bromley, was sentenced at Bromley Magistrates’ Court today after previously being found guilty of common assault by battery.

The court heard Weir bloodied the nose of his then girlfriend on August 13 last year when he jabbed his fingers into her face after she refused to do his laundry.

Mary Ateri, prosecuting, said: “It was a violent relationship in which the defendant was increasingly controlling. He attempted to stop her from seeing her family.”

Miss Ateri said the victim, who has a two-year-old daughter, initially denied Weir had hit her when questioned by the support worker at the sheltered accommodation where she was living.

However, six weeks after the attack, she told the support worker the truth and Weir was arrested.

Sentencing Weir, chairman of the bench Tom Johnson said: “While it might not have been the most vicious of attacks, it was a nasty attack.”

A restraining order was made against Weir, banning him from contacting his victim, and he was also ordered to pay her £50 compensation and given an 18 month supervision order.

The court heard Weir has two previous convictions for violent offences, including breaking the jaw of a 15-year-old female fan during the height of So Solid Crew’s fame in 2001.

Michael Burdett, representing Weir, said he left So Solid Crew in 2004 and is now heavily in debt with his bank and receiving income support. Mr Burdett told the court Weir and his victim ended their relationship after he attacked her.