SLEEP should come a lot more easily to people living in a block of flats in Beckenham after a nuisance neighbour was booted out.

The tenant’s address in Woodlands, Southend Road, has been boarded up for three months after Bromley police was granted a premises closure order at Bromley Magistrates’ Court.

Bromley police’s anti-social behaviour unit applied for the order because of persistent disorder and serious nuisance caused by the tenant and his visitors.

And eviction papers were also served on the tenant on Wednesday (May 11).

Borough commander Chief Superintendent Charles Griggs said: “He has been in effect kicked out.

“For the first time people [in Woodlands] can rest at night and the problem is solved.”

PC Nancy Weller, from the anti-social behaviour unit said: "This is a fantastic result for the residents of Woodlands and is a clear message to those people causing misery to their neighbours that if you act in an anti social manner with no regard for others, you will be targeted and you will lose your home."