TONIGHT Gravesham voters will discover whether their votes have kept their council Conservative-run, or whether the Labour party managed to snatch back success at the polls.

Gravesham has once again been identified as a key battleground for political votes, with two visits from Labour leader Ed Miliband and one from Tory Prime Minister David Cameron in the past month.

Before the council became Conservative-run in 2007, it had been under Labour’s control for 12 years.

In May 2007, when the Tories took control of Gravesham Council, the Conservatives won 26 seats, leaving Labour with 16.

Before the May 2007 result, Labour had held 23 and the Tories 16 of the Council’s 44 seats.

Today, only five of the borough’s 18 wards are completely Labour controlled, with the party keen to cling onto its hold in Coldharbour, Northfleet north, Northfleet south, Pelham and Riverside wards.

No other parties currently hold seats at Gravesham Council, although with Liberal Democrat candidates standing in three wards and UKIP in five, that could also change once the votes are counted at Woodville Halls tonight.

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