TWO horses from Lewisham are training for royal duties as they prepare to be part of the Grey Escort.

Grace, 11, and 14-year-old Huntsman are both based at Lewisham police station stables and are part of an 11 steed shortlist for the royal procession.

On the day of the royal wedding, the Met’s Mounted Branch will escort the carriage with Prince William and his new wife from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.

The escort on the day will be led by a mounted inspector who rides as the Pointer. This role has been provisionally appointed to Grace.

Nine horses in total will take part in the parade, but 11 are undergoing various exercises and routines to make sure there is enough cover in case a horse is not available on the day.

News Shopper: Grace will lead the Grey Escort

Grace stands at 16.2 hands high and has been in the Met for seven years. She is an experienced police horse who has participated in a number of major events.

News Shopper: Huntsman will be one of the remaining eight in the escort

Huntsman has also been provisionally chosen as one of the nine. He stands at 17 hands high and has taken part in many major events in his six years at the Met.

The horses and the officers used in the escort will be there in a ceremonial capacity but will also assist in the event of an incident.

All of the animals being used are operational police horses and grey in colour. Care is taken to ensure the horses have the temperament to cope with the event.