UNDER-FIRE council candidate Steven Uncles is on the defence again over revelations about an email to Sinn Fein.

The English Democrat contacted the party in 2009 hoping to rally financial support for his party’s campaign.

Two years on, Mr Uncles, who is running as the party’s candidate for West Hill ward in May’s local elections, says he has no regrets.

The revelation comes a week after News Shopper reported the 47-year-old was standing by jokes he had made about Pakistani people and a suicide victim.

He also started a rumour suggesting UKIP leader Nigel Farage had been killed in an aeroplane crash as an April Fool’s joke.

Mr Uncles wrote to Sinn Fein in March 2009, hoping to open up discussions between the two parties.

He suggested they work together to further English nationalism and Irish nationalism by a referendum on Northern Ireland leaving the UK.

He wrote: “If Sinn Fein is interested in opening discussions to further our parallel causes and developing this strategy then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

“Like Sinn Fein, the English Democrats have had enough of "British Rule.”

Mr Uncles told News Shopper he sent the email for financial reasons.

He said: “We were faced with a situation back in 2009 where the English Democrats needed £200,000 for a reasonable campaign.

“We felt the Scottish Nationalist Party, Welsh Nationalist Party and Sinn Fein all have aspired to separate themselves from England.

“So I sent emails to all three parties.”

But Mr Uncles says there is dispute over whether the email was sent, after he did not receive a reply.

After receiving criticism from party members over the email, Mr Uncles wrote to them saying: “I’ll take money from anyone personally if it advances our cause.”

On February 12 this year, Mr Uncles resigned from his position as national communications director after the English Democrats National Council held a vote of no confidence in him.

Chairman of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook condemned Mr Uncle’s email to the party.

He said: “The National Council of the English Democrats has condemned this unauthorised attempt but notes that there was no actual contact.

“Steve, by his actions seemed, we believe unwittingly, to give unnecessary ammunition to those who wish to attack our party and the cause of English Nationalism generally, and that is the reason why he no longer speaks for our party.”