OLYMPIC test events will go ahead in a park this summer after a planning board gave organisers the all clear.

An equestrian event can now take place in Greenwich Park from July 4 to July 6, followed by show-jumping for the modern pentathlon on July 9 and July 10.

Locog says work will being next month, with closures planned from June 20 to July 11, and areas reopening from July 11 to August 10.

But the meeting saw Olympic organisers Locog slammed over their communications strategy.

There was concern raised that the number of trees needing pruning had shot up from around 70 to more than 200 since permission for the main event was granted last year.

Objector Susan McNeil told the board: “They don’t know what they’re doing. They’re making it up as they go along.”

Gordon Baker from the Westcombe Society asked organisers to produce a simple, user-friendly document detailing public access restrictions and make it widely available.

Councillor Hayley Fletcher gave as an example of poor communications the recent work on woolwich Common for the Olympic shooting events which she said had been “a complete surprise”.

Locog were also asked why no full reinstatement plan for the park had yet been produced .

When it came to the vote, councillors were split in the same way as last year, with only the board’s two Tories, Councillors Geoffrey Brighty and Dermot Poston opposed.

Cllr Brighty said: “I still feel it’s a misconceived place to have it.”

But, voting in favour, Cllr Steve Offord said: “We’re talking about a very important part of the process that’s more likely to protect the park and local residents than if we didn’t have it.”

The board will arrange to visit the site and see some of the work being carried out.

Timetable of work

Mid May - Work will begin on the temporary arena and training areas in the north east of the Park - to the south of the Queen’s House and Sammy Ofer Wing. Security and site fencing will be in place.

June 1 to June 20 - The arena, field of play, training areas and stabling will reach an advanced stage. An operational compound to the south of the park will be established. A strip of the Great Cross Avenue will be used to prepare and install cross country jumps.

From June 20 to July 3 - Event facilities will be completed. Compounds will be extended to allow for the arrival of horse boxes to park and safely set up for the duration of the event. Cross country jumps will be installed. Another section of the park, to the south east of the temporary arena, will be needed for the modern pentathlon course to be installed.

July 1 to July 5 - Apart from the children’s playground and the flower garden most of the park to the east of Blackheath Avenue and The Avenue will be in use. A cordoned off Horse Route will also be in operation to the west of The Avenue, to allow the horses to move to and from the stabling and training areas to the cross country start and finish safely.

July 5 onwards - Jumps will be dismantled. Large parts of the park will re-open at the end of the Modern Pentathlon test event from July 11. The arena will be dismantled from July 9 and it will take between four and six weeks.

Once the test event is over the removal of all temporary structures will begin. Peak-time vehicular access through the park will be restored and large vehicle movements will be restricted to out of peak hours.