A ‘LACK of care’ led to the ‘suicides’ of two patients at mental health units.

This is the view of the Bromley Mental Health Forum chairman Brenda Thompson who has slammed Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust over the deaths.

The Trust says an investigation into the apparent suicide of a woman while she was being treated at Green Parks House, Farnborough, in January, is taking place.

It is also investigating the apparent suicide of a man at the Ivy Willis House rehabilitation unit in Penge in February.

But Mrs Thompson says these apparent suicides would never have happened if the patients were being cared for properly.

She said: “They must have found out that these people were suicidal and if they had not then the psychiatrist was not doing his job properly.

“There was definitely a lack of care and a lack of concern for these people.

“If they were suicidal then why was there not a 24 hour suicide watch?

“It takes something to commit suicide when you’re in Green Parks House so why wasn’t that person looked after properly.

“This shows up a weakness in Oxleas system, there wasn’t enough care for these particular people.”

A Trust spokesman said: “Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust would like to express its sadness at these tragic incidents.

“We have offered our condolences to both families.

”We take the safety of patients and the public extremely seriously.

“We are completing full and thorough investigations of both incidents and to provide transparency a governor elected by our members will be part of each of the investigation panels.

“We will share the findings with the coroner.”