A COUNCIL candidate who posted offensive Twitter comments about the blind has resigned from an election race.

Ray Parker, who was running as Labour's candidate for Northfleet North in May's local elections, called time on his campaign yesterday (March 8).

News Shopper had exposed the ex-mayor for controversial comments he had made on Twitter, including damning remarks about Arriva buses, Mormons and his taste for alcohol.

He also tweeted in August last year: "Is it fair to say that there'd be less litter in Britain if blind people were given pointed sticks?"

In a statement, Mr Parker apologised for any offence he had caused.

He said: "Following misguided comments on my twitter page I am standing down as Labour's candidate for Northfleet North.

"I sincerely regret and apologise for any offence these comments have caused."

In a case of Northfleet no more, Mr Parker has deleted his website and his blog, while also disabling his Twitter account.

Agent to the Gravesham Labour Party, Colin Caller said the party regrets the loss of Mr Parker's candidatecy.

He said: "It's for Ray to decide the best way forward.

"There's regret from the party as they have lost an experienced councillor.

"However, we will endeavour to find another prospective candidate."

What else had Ray Parker tweeted?

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