UFO sightings mean that aliens exist and that “something big is coming”.

Files released by the Ministry of Defence reveal the Woolwich UFO Research Group reported unexplained phenomena in the sky in 2000 and 2001.

In December 2000 they reported a sighting of a triangular object over the O2, then called the Millennium Dome, in Greenwich.

They claim that it hovered in the air for several minutes and was clearly under intelligent control.

The group spotted a second strange object in the same spot just months later in February 2001. This they claim was a bright luminous orange object which appeared for almost a minute.

Its movement was so fast and controlled that there was barely enough time for a group member to take a photo of it.

However, the documents released would suggest the group’s sightings weren’t isolated incidents in south east London.

A resident in Forest Hill reported seeing a strange object in the sky behind her house in January 2001.

She said that a disc with a beam of light coming from it was interfering with electrical equipment in house and making strange noises. She documented the journey of the craft over a 35 minute period saying that the beams of light lit up the sky.

London UFO Studies chairman Roy Lake says that it is very likely that any unidentified objects are being controlled by intelligent non-human life. He said: “Something big is coming. We don’t have the technology to fly these things and the force that they omit would probably kill us.”