AN ALIEN race which gave a former policewoman ‘orgasms’ may have been spotted by others across Bromley, according to government documents.

Recently released Ministry of Defence files reveal a sighting of 20 to 30 red flashing lights in the sky at 2.25am on November 17, 2003.

These lights were seen by three people and a police helicopter, and a police officer who concluded the lights were zigzagging across the sky faster than a manmade aircraft.

This sighting came three months after News Shopper first reported Stephany Cohen’s close encounter with aliens known as Grays from the planet Cirus D.

Back then the spiritual healer, of Lancaster Close, Bromley, said the Grays have been helping out humans for thousands of years and said we are now ready to take the final step of spiritual and intellectual fulfilment.

She said: “They are very loving, intelligent and will only present themselves to those who accept them.

"Sometimes you get raptures like strong orgasms and you don't know where it comes from.

“It is energies being passed down to their children on Earth.

“They are a good race which only likes to help others.”

The documents also reveal there was a sighting of a bright silver disk flying quickly above houses in Beckenham on November 15, 1999.

London UFO Studies chairman Roy Lake says the lights reported in 2003 are likely a genuine sighting because they were confirmed by police officers.

He said: “I believe they are already here.

“All I can say is keep a vigil and keep looking up.”