A HARDCORE porn director has spoken at a university debate on the benefits of exploring sexuality through film.

Boss of adult film company Easy on the Eye, Anna Arrowsmith, 39, proposed the motion 'This house believes pornography does a good public service' to Cambridge university students.

Mrs Arrowsmith went from porn to politics in last year’s general election when she ran as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Gravesham, but lost to Conservative MP Adam Holloway.

In the debate, she spoke about the misconceptions behind porn and how it can empower people.

She said: “It provides a service for those who can’t access sexuality or an intimate relationship- it fulfils a need.

“Porn is also a good way to teach people about the human body.

“There’s not much in sex education these days and people get easily embarrassed, so it’s about giving confidence.”

Mrs Arrowsmith has made around 300 movies under the pseudonym Anna Span during a 12-year career, winning a number of awards.

She also has close ties to north Kent, where she frequently visited her grandparents in Greenhithe as a child.