THE parents of a 16 month old disabled boy are appealing for donations for a powered wheelchair so he can move around independently.

Charlie Bolton from Orpington was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type two at 12 months old, and the condition has left him unable to crawl, kneel, stand, walk or sit up from a lying position.

His parents Aimee Spiers and Edward Bolton want him to have an electric wheelchair, but have been told by the NHS one is not likely to be available until he is five years old.

So they have started a campaign to raise the £18,000 needed for the wheelchair, which they say will allow him to “interact and socialise with his peers and have some independence”.

In their appeal letter, Miss Spiers, aged 26, and 25-year-old Mr Bolton, of Haydens Close, said: “Charlie is very intelligent and deserves to have the best possible life we can give him.

“His arms will never be strong enough to pull himself along so his only way of getting around independently is to have a powered wheelchair.”

Miss Spiers, a part time baker, and Mr Bolton, a manager for a memorabilia company, have researched Charlie’s condition and believe a powered wheelchair is vital for his development.

They said: “A restriction in independent mobility could jeopardise intellectual and social development, as well as well-being and happiness.

“Studies have demonstrated that providing independent powered mobility to very young children has helped them achieve developmental milestones.”

To make a donation or help fundraise, email Miss Spiers at or