WITNESSES have spoken of their shock after a roof collapsed in Catford.

The majority of the roof on the house at the corner of Brownhill Road and Jutland Road, Catford, fell in at around midday on Tuesday.

No one was hurt in the collapse.

Firefighters arrived and worked with surveying officers from Lewisham Council to secure the house while police cordoned off Brownhill and Jutland roads for two hours.

Next-door neighbour, Walter Samson, 81, who was in his kitchen at the time the roof collapsed, said: "I was shocked. It was an unusual thing to have somebody else's roof fall on your house. I'm getting a surveyor to have a look at my chimney, which could be damaged."

Eyewitness Valerie Holben was on her way to the bank when she saw the roof collapse.

She said: "I got to the corner of Jutland Road and as I looked to see if there were any cars coming I looked back and watched the roof of the house fall off.

"I was quite surprised. Never in my life have I seen a roof fall down like that before.

"The fire brigade smashed the door down and the ambulance arrived in case there was anyone inside.

"But fortunately, there wasn't anyone."

The cause of the collapse is still unclear at this stage.