ANTI-MAST campaigners are mobilising to march on Downing Street.

The protestors have been fighting with T-Mobile over the mast site at the corner of St Paul's Wood Hill and Beddington Road, St Paul's Cray, since February.

They have also got a petition together against Orange's plans to put a mast up in the same area.

The group now wants to link up with anti-mast campaigners from across the country for a mass protest in central London which will include a visit to 10 Downing Street.

One of the protestors, mother-of-three Sam Anderson, is in talks with the Met Police about a potential route for the march, which she hopes will take place by the end of September.

She is also in contact with Mast Sanity, an organisation which has links with other protest groups across the country, to try to get the highest number of people possible involved.

The 35-year-old said: "I'm doing it because I care. A lot of masts are disguised to look like trees so there is not even a warning there is one there.

"In our opinion it has escalated out of control and it needs to be addressed.

"It is happening all over the country.

"We want people to volunteer in their own organisations and groups and do massive leaflet drops."

Mrs Anderson, of Thorndon Close, St Paul's Cray, added: "We want to get it en masse and we want to get letters going to MPs.

"If more and more people bombard their MPs by sending them letters they will have to start to listen.

"They should not put masts up near homes or schools until there is more scientific evidence. We want to get this sorted as soon as possible.

"If everyone pulls together it could be massive."

Call Mrs Anderson on 020 8302 4043 to get involved with the campaign.