GREENWICH Council has finally revealed its proposals for £21.43m of cuts, the first step in overall savings of up to £65m.

The savings plans are revealed in a report to be examined by an Overview and Scrutiny Committee at the town hall this Thursday.

And the report warns that there will be more cuts to come. It says: "As a planning total at this stage it is considered prudent for the council to base its budget strategy on a loss of £65m over the next four year period."

Comments made by the committee will be noted when the cabinet meets to discuss the proposals on December 14.

The cuts include:

Review of day centre provision, cutting four day care officers, SAVING: £150,000.

Review of seven sheltered housing schemes and decommissioning services, SAVING: £800,000.

Increasing home care charges by £1.50 per hour, SAVING: £400,000.

Cutting small grants to voluntary groups including the MS Society, Irish in Greenwich and Deptford Mission, SAVING: £162,000.

Cuts to extended school scheme funding, SAVING: £388,000.

Ending Healthy Schools programme, SAVING: £79,000.

Reducing management costs of Connexions staff, SAVING: £200,000.

Youth services taken out of council control, SAVING: £463,000.

Increasing charges for childcare, SAVING: £171,000.

Review and possible closure of four mother and toddler drop-in groups, SAVING: £101,000.

Cuts to teenage pregnancy support, SAVING: £130,000.

Merging the community safety and anti-social behaviour team, SAVING: £40,000.

Scrapping one food safety inspector, SAVING: £29,000.

Transferring pest control out of council control, SAVING: £105,000.

Increasing the charge to use the public toilet beside Greenwich Pier from 20p to 50p, SAVING: £10,000.

Shared service arrangements with Bexley and Bromley Councils, SAVING: £160,000.

Closing the council training centre in Bowater Road, SAVING: £90,000.

Cutting one post from council leader administrative staff, SAVING: £32,000.

Using second class postage, SAVING: £20,000.

Ending the contracts of a freelance advertising sales executive and the current freelance designer for Greenwich Time, SAVING: £40,000.

Annually cutting and clearing the grass in the older sections of cemeteries. One post cut, SAVING: £33,000.

Up to five posts cut within the Park Keeping Service and management structures, SAVINGS: £125,000.

Reduction in the level of spring and summer bedding displays (flowers) which uses non native species and requires large volumes of water. Two posts cut, SAVING: £90,000.

Following the Olympics the 2012 Olympics Unit, which was set up in preparation for the Games, will end, SAVING: £567,000.

Up to five posts cut from the Housing Advice Service, which provides advice to people to prevent homelessness SAVING: £200,000.

The current 10 lift operators at Greenwich and Woolwich and Foot Tunnels will be reduced to five, SAVING: £67,000.

More than doubling the charge for day care centres from £2.20 to £5 per day, SAVING: £74,000.

Increase in parking charges across Eltham, Plumstead, Woolwich, Charlton and Greenwich, SAVING: £1,987,000.