A BULLYING victim says her school has “done nothing” about the “terrifying” abuse she has suffered from fellow pupils.

Elle Carlisle, 13, says she has been verbally and physically assaulted by a group of eight fellow pupils at Beaverwood School For Girls in Chislehurst since she started there two years ago.

This includes three fellow 13-year-olds and a girl from another school attacking her so viciously in Sutcliffe Park in Eltham last month that the police had to be involved.

Elle and her mum Jackie Yaxley, who live in Ferby Court in Sidcup, say staff at Beaverwood have not acted to stop the bullying and she is now looking for a new school.

Elle said: “The bullying started in Year Seven. Because I have buck teeth they used to call me ‘Bunny’, and since then it has just got worse and worse.

“I have been held up by my throat by two girls in the toilet while another one beat me up. I have been chased through the school and had to lock myself in a classroom to keep them out.

“The school has done nothing to help me. I feel unsafe in school. It’s terrifying. I dread break times because I know the girls are going to get me.”

Describing the attack in Sutcliffe Park, which took place on October 30, Elle said: “The girls followed me and a friend to the park and then started beating me up.

“They forced me to smoke marijuana, blowing the smoke into my mouth.”

Mrs Yaxley reported the attack to Greenwich police and a harassment restrainment order was made against the four girls.

Plumber Mrs Yaxley said: “I have reported the bullying to the school many times but all they have done is talk to the girls involved. They haven’t done enough to stop them.

“Elle has been beside herself crying and worrying, and it has knocked her confidence so badly - she has asked me whether it’s her fault, whether she has done something to deserve the abuse.

“I just want my daughter to be safe in school, not constantly fearing for her own safety.”

A Beaverwood spokeswoman said Mrs Yaxley is “seeing incidents Elle may or may not have been involved in from a limited perspective”.

The spokeswoman added: “Elle contributes to the numerous incidents she finds herself in. We do not regard her as a bullied child.

“As a school we have a bullying policy and are in contact with parents and various agencies when it’s necessary.”

Mrs Yaxley called the school’s claims Elle is not being bullied “a load of rubbish” and said it is “just trying to sweep the whole thing under the carpet”.

She added: “The school saying Elle contributes to the incidents is ridiculous. I’m not saying my daughter is perfect, but when she defends herself she gets in trouble.

“Elle is a brown belt in karate and has competed in national championships, so if she’d really fought back against the bullies the school would have known about it.”