STUDENTS angry at a rise in tuition fees have occupied one of their university buildings and plan to stage an all-night protest.

Around 50 students marched into the Deptford Town Hall building, part of Goldsmiths University, with banners saying ‘They say cut back, we say fight back’.

Earlier today, Universities Minister David Willetts announced that universities in England would be able to charge up to £9,000 per year.

A lot of the annual fee rise, up from £3,290, will replace funding that was cut in the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Goldsmiths Student Union campaigns officer James Haywood said the protestors planned to stay in the building, which contains senior management offices, all night.

Mr Haywood said: “It’s not just about the tuition fees. It’s about the cuts.

“Senior management has made it clear they support the increase in fees. They’re refusing to join our campaign.”