FARE rises on London’s transport network following the government’s spending review include the axing of the one day travelcard for zones two to six.

The travelcard, which currently costs £5.10 off-peak, enables outer London commuters to get around the capital without going into zone one.

Also being scrapped is the one day travelcard for zones one to five.

Instead from January, people will have to pay £8 for an off-peak zones one to six travelcard or £15 during peak hours, regardless of whether or not they enter central London.

The Oyster pay as you go fare on buses will go up by 10p to £1.30 as will the daily cap to £4.

On the Tube the zone one pay as you go fare rises by 10p to £1.90.

The withdrawal of the zones two to six one day travelcard comes as Transport for London “simplify” their one day travelcard range.

An off-peak one day travelcard for zones one and two will go up by 17.8 per cent from £5.60 to £6.60.

The child off-peak paper one day travelcard will also be increased for the first time in 10 years, going up by 50 per cent from £2 to £3.

All free and concessionary fares will however remain.

A TfL spokeswoman said: “The fares package for 2011 will see fares rise on average by RPI plus two per cent as proposed last year.

“This is the minimum overall increase to protect vital investment in transport infrastructure and to protect frontline services.

“TfL is continuing to simplify its fares range and will remove the zones two to six travelcards from 2011 as they are used by fewer than 6,000 passengers a day, including just 300 people during peak times.

“This is less than 0.2 per cent of the 3.5 million journeys a day on the Tube.

She added: “It is far cheaper to use Oyster pay as you go, with outside zone one fares ranging from £1.30 to £2.50, therefore a passenger would need to make seven peak outside zone one journeys to justify purchasing a travelcard.

“We would advise passengers travelling outside zone one infrequently to use Oyster pay as you go or if travelling frequently to check out our range of weekly and monthly season tickets.”

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