A HEARTBROKEN mother has blasted thieves who stole items from her daughter’s grave.

Janet Ford’s daughter Gemma Rolfe, 11, was killed in a hit-and-run accident in 2003 while being driven to Guides by her stepfather Dean Robey who was seriously injured.

The driver of the white van which hit their car, and his passengers, fled the scene and no one has ever been charged in connection with Gemma’s death.

She is buried in Hill View Cemetery in Welling and her mother visits Gemma’s grave every week.

Two weeks ago, Ms Ford discovered a pair of concrete boot plantholders, were missing.

Last week, three ornamental birds had gone.

Ms Ford said: “I was in tears.

"Gemma’s garden, as I call it, is all I have left of her.

“It is very special to me.What more do people want to do to us?”

Bexley Council, which runs the cemetery has apologised.

It says says it has attendants at all its cemeteries and thefts are very rare.

Anyone who has items stolen should report it to police and the on-site attendant, or call the council on 020 8294 6534 (Monday to Friday) or 020 8303 7777 at weekends.