A FATHER of two convicted of the manslaughter of 23-year-old Richard Price has today been sentenced to eight years in prison.

Mr Price, of Southover, Sundridge Park, died after he was attacked in an alleyway near the Swan & Mitre pub off Bromley High Street on Halloween last year.

Jagtar Johal, aged 38, of Blyth Road, Bromley, was one of four men cleared of murdering father-to-be Mr Price but the only one found guilty of manslaughter by an Old Bailey jury in July.

Today at his sentencing at the Old Bailey, Judge Peter Thornton QC told him: “The seriousness of the crime lies in the consequences - you caused the death of Richard Price.

“Your violence took away his life, causing untold distress, grief and heartache for his partner, his family and his friends.

“Richard Price may have been troublesome that night but he didn't deserve to die.

“He was a man who had no doubt good sides to him, involving his charity work for Great Ormond Street Hospital where he worked.”

Russian-born Michael Liddell, aged 20, from Ealing, and Param-Jit Theara, aged 25, of Ross Way, Eltham, were cleared of murder and manslaughter.

Murat Karabeyaz, a 25 year-old Turk, of Burford Road, Catford, faces a retrial for manslaughter on January 4 after the jury failed to reach a verdict in his case.

The Old Bailey heard how a row started between the men when Mr Price refused to buy someone a drink.

All four men left the pub but were confronted by Mr Price in the street outside.

Witnesses claimed the men attacked Mr Price, kicking his head “like a football”.

Johal, who was mentally ill, claimed he had suffered a flashback about his father during the brawl and hit Mr Price in panic.

He said: “I just lashed out. I was confused. I was afraid. I was trying to kick him. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. I wasn't trying to cause severe injury. I wasn't in a rage. I wasn’t trying to kill him.”

The court was told Johal is “literally haunted” by the death of Mr Price.