Summer could not be a more exciting time. It is a period to relax and especially enjoy the beaming sun which has joyfully delighted us this week with its blazing rays.

After all the stress and pressure of exams, the laidback lifestyle in summer holidays feels as if the hard work put into revision paid off. Especially when at the end of summer, on the dreaded ‘results day’, the time comes for the humble yet fateful envelope to be opened, and a flurry of excellent grades are listed before your eyes.

Summer is particularly exciting for some due to the many events that take place at this time in the year. Glastonbury and Reading among these, many will most definitely have an excellent time. The line-up of artists looks amazing and for once it looks like things won’t get muddy in Glastonbury with this wonderful weather. And what could not bring everyone together more than the World Cup?

This is an event when even those who never really paid much attention to football, suddenly have a rush of patriotism and immerse themselves in this slightly unknown world. And all at once the country comes together, as a nation.

Anyhow, this being my last article, I feel I should wish all of you an ecstatic summer ahead!