Presently sitting in my room with three physics books open before me all scribbled with endless notes, and sheets stuck on my wall with the humble bits of blu-tac that I never thought would come in so handy, formulae and numerous facts highlighted with a pink fluorescent highlighter pen, which I especially bought for the occasion, are screaming out at me in the hope they will all find some space in my currently overcrowded head. Nerves and pressure have officially kicked in. It’s my physics GCSE tomorrow. Yes, physics. It feels weird and strange to say it, I never thought the time would come but GCSEs have rapidly crept into my life and here they are now. I still find it hard to believe how quickly this school year has flown by.

Anyhow, I’m sure many other 16-year olds are finding themselves in the same position as me at this moment in time. I wish all the knowledge in my physics textbook would just quite simply diffuse into my brain, or even better if I had superpowers and were able to be naturally clever. Unfortunately, all that information won’t diffuse into my brain cells, which are momentarily praying for a break after an extensive day of revision. And sadly, I am no superhero. Which leaves me with the only, most dreaded option of...actually rolling up the sleeves of my jumper and repeatedly reading the same piece of information a thousand times, until I feel it has found a safe little place in my head. I am fully aware these next few weeks will be tough and will require a lot of effort and discipline. But hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. As I return to my ‘electromagnetic induction’ revision, it only remains for me to say good luck to all my fellow swotters.