In this week's Reader Rant opinion column Richard Ward calls for safety action to be taken before a serious accident happens in his road. Have your say by adding your comments below.

FOR years, especially during morning and evening rush hour, I have witnessed vehicle after vehicle drive the wrong way down my one-way road - Courthill Road, Lewisham.

Recently, a cyclist using the green cycle lane was missed by inches when a car sped the wrong way, almost swiping her from behind. She was not familiar with this stretch of road and because she was wearing earphones, did not hear the car heading towards her.

On one evening, a driver had to wait as he attempted to do the same illegal act because a car travelling the right way had temporarily stopped near the one-way entrance. He didn't wait long - he just mounted the right-hand pavement and drove past the blocking car as quickly as he could, causing great alarm to customers stood outside Hansbury's public house.

I could relate at least a dozen more incidents that involve risk to life and property as well as potential and actual confrontation between those involved. And they must be just a fraction of all such incidents.

The reason I am furious right now is that a woman with two small, lively children has just been scared witless by yet another speeding driver zooming up the road as she checked for traffic coming from the correct direction.

I write this because I've run out of ideas. I have telephoned or emailed Lewisham Council several times to discuss this problem, and I have raised the issue several times with local police. Will action be taken only after someone is killed?

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Do you live in the same area and have you witnessed similar incidents? Where you live, are there problems like this with dangerous drivers putting lives at risk? Have your say and add your comments below.

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