A MOTHER-OF-THREE was shocked to discover a fox in her bedroom.

Shortly after putting her children to bed at 8pm on July 5, 35-year-old Sarah Miles of Nightingale Road, Petts Wood, went to her own bedroom.

Her husband, Richard Miles, 40, had gone out. Moments later she found herself face to face with a fox.

Mrs Miles screamed, causing the fox to bolt down the stairs and out of the house.

Once over the initial shock, she went to check on the youngsters who sleep with the door slightly open in a room, a few feet across the landing from her.

Six-year-old Charlotte, four-year-old George and one-year-old Isabelle were unharmed.

Not quick enough to see where the fox had gone, Mrs Miles walked through her home clapping, hoping she would startle the fox if it had run downstairs and hidden somewhere inside.

Mrs Miles said: “After seeing what happened to those twins, you obviously think the worst don’t you.”

“We had the conservatory doors and French doors open. I’m not sure which way it came in.”

When her husband returned home, Mrs Miles told him what had happened and he immediately went to tell the neighbours to be careful.

Mrs Miles said: “Foxes come into the garden quite regularly.

“Over the weekend we were sitting on our patio and a fox came up quite close to us. They don’t seem deterred by you.

“The council should monitor what’s happening. When I came down this morning I discovered the fox had marked its scent everywhere, so I’ve been washing everything, even the kids’ clothes.

“I’ve had my doors closed all day.”