IS IT a bird? is it a plane? No, it’s a bearded man in a cape and eye mask on a mission to fight crime and injustice.

Darkslay, who refuses to reveal his real name, wants people to join his band of superheroes - the Mystery Men.

The real life hero has dedicated himself to tackling any issue in Greenwich - from petty crime to chatting with people about their concerns.

Darkslay, who claims he is in his 20s, says he decided to do something after working with homeless people in the area.

He was inspired by an American movement which has seen concerned citizens like Ohio’s Shadow Hare donning costumes and running around helping their fellow man.

The caped crusader said: “It’s about giving a message of hope, selflessness and civic duty to people.

“The best way to get the message across would be to display the best of humanity which is what being a superhero is all about.”

News Shopper: Darkslay using his telescopic vision But despite internet adverts for like-minded people, he admitted there have been few volunteers so far.

He said: “I’ve had an overwhelming interest from people just writing to me, saying the idea’s wonderful. There are less people willing to come forward and do the same thing.

“I’m just hoping the message I send out will inspire others.”

Unlike his American counterparts, karate expert Darkslay does not carry a weapon.

He explained: “No superhero could really hope to stand up for the law while breaking it.

“So I don’t carry a weapon. I carry my uniform and my message.”

And he admitted there are some problems beyond even his capabilities.

He said: “Obviously I wouldn’t actually physically tackle anything I felt was outside my abilities like an armed gang. But I wouldn’t shy away from any situation.

“To join me you don’t have to physically stop anything yourself - but you do have to do something like calling the police.

“A superhero’s greatest weapon is his phone. The worst thing anyone can do is see something bad happening and turn a blind eye.”

News Shopper: The man has deciated himself to fighting injustice in Greenwich Despite the costume, he insisted the general reaction from people is positive.

Darkslay said: “You do get the odd snigger but most people, once you actually explain to them the meaning behind it, don’t make negative comments.”

He also shrugged off the experience of Shadow Hare, who was recently targeted by a man calling himself the High Noon Tortoise, in a bid to unmask him.

Darkslay said: “There’s always the possibility that some individual would see superheroes helping people on the streets and become sort kind of supervillain.

“But supervillains aren’t going to be created by me. Those people are already out there.”

Interested in joining the Mystery Men? Email