With the approach of Ascot’s “Ladies Day” I asked myself the question, “When did I last see a woman wearing a hat?” Not including the wooly variety, the truthful answer is that I cannot remember. Every year at Ascot, ladies are assigned a specific day when they can go all out with the most exotic, hypnotic and generally bizarre hats, as well as looking as elegant and sophisticated as possible. Whilst the dress code states “Many wear hats although this is not compulsory” it gives people an opportunity to wear an item of clothing that only gets to come out of the wardrobe once a year. Philip Treacy makes his living by designing somewhat expensive hats, yet the only time your average woman seems to wear them, is when she is attending a distant relative’s wedding. Yet aside from these special events, does anyone wear hats anymore?

It does not have to be an over-priced, fruit-bearing hat that sits on your head. Sherlock Holmes was never seen without his trusty deerstalker and John Wayne’s cowboy hat became a permanent fixture. These men are admired by many, yet it is even less common to see a man out in a hat, unless they’re on the beat of course.

Hats are often highly flattering, offer protection form the dangerous ultraviolet rays heading down form the sun and are a brilliant conversation topic.

Do not let hats die out!