Right now hundreds of thousands of lives are being ruined by the discriminative acts being carried out by the Israeli troops. Israel is attempting to slowly drive out the Palestinians by completely cutting off their water supplies. Israelis have destroyed Palestinian pipes and hoses used for water transfer and rainwater cisterns used for collecting water. They’re also confiscating water tanks and tractors with the excuse of people not owning a permit, even though the equipment may have been on their own private property.

Life is becoming harder in Palestine, especially through a time of drought, as there is barely enough water for the crops to grow and food to be produced to feed the people of the land.

Palestine has suffered a lot of pain and destruction since the conflict began. Statistics show that since 2000 more than three times the amount of deaths has been those of Palestinians. There has been more than four times the amount of injured Palestinians, up to six times the amount of unemployed Palestinians and six hundred more deaths of Palestinian children than Israeli. The illegal Israeli settlements have suffered no damage whereas 4,170 Palestinian homes have been demolished.

The Palestinians are being denied a basic necessity of life by the seemingly barbaric Israelis. Their harsh actions have taken a tragic effect on the people of Palestine; yet this over 80 year old ongoing conflict still sees no end thanks to greed and a considerably corrupt government. Although there has been some help efforts and support from organisations such as Amnesty International, a non-governmental group dedicated to preventing the abuse of human rights and getting justice for those violated.

With a conflict this calamitous and lengthy you’d think there’d be more help from other world leaders, especially when it’s involving a country that was in fact once ruled by Britain. However, the struggle continues for the starving inhabitants of Palestine as Israel continues to squeeze them dry.