Chances are, you’ll have to worry about it at some point in your life. Lack of it, how to handle it... the list goes on and on.

But when you’re a teenager, the most common problem you may face involving money, is a severe lack of it. And, at times, an even more severe lack of ideas about how to earn more of it.

So, what opportunities are there for teenagers to earn money? Well of course, there are jobs like paper rounds, but these can seem like a lot of hard work. Even so, they are very popular and so the waiting list for local rounds is never-ending, meaning that many teens give up on this idea before they get properly started.

But sometimes it is difficult to know what else to do. As the rules and laws regarding teenage workers are very complex, it is difficult to know where you are or are not allowed to work, legally.

However, although there are many reasons why being a teenager would mean you had less money than others, schemes such as EMA, which young people who are still in full time education are eligible for, help to reduce this. EMA can be up to £30 a week, paid into the young person’s bank account, and when this is coupled with free travel around London for ages 11-19, things look a little easier for teenagers.

Even so, there is still the problem of jobs, or a lack of them, along with the issues mentioned above.

So what should happen? Should the laws around teenage working and workers be relaxed? Or should they simply be made clearer so that they are easier to understand? What are your views?