Over the past few weeks, the weather has been nicely warming up; we no longer have to wear three layers just to go outside, families are rushing out to buy coal for the barbeque and some lucky folk have even caught glimpses of a fiery yellow ball glowing in the sun!

Then the weekend hit: paradise. It was the hottest weekend of the year, and we were loving it. Pasty flesh hidden away all those months was finally given freedom as we soaked up the rays, trying to tan, or perhaps burn ourselves as much as possible. Who can blame us?? For now, only a few days later we are back to the dreary depressing doom of a wet and windy morning. The umbrellas must be brought out reluctantly and we cannot store away our winter wardrobe just yet.

With the ever looming worry of the volcanic ash cloud threatening to ruin our chances of escaping to guaranteed sunshine, it seems that everybody is praying that the summer will be a hot one. So let’s hope that the rain will be kept at bay so we are able to enjoy the festivals, picnics and barbeque failures that this summer will inevitably bring!!