Having had a taste of adult life ahead, that is filled with tests on many levels: careerwise, lovewise and decisionwise, it is time to sit down for a moment, close your eyes and reflect back on the young years of fun and carefree times we all once had; when there was not a care in the world about homework, when we used to skip along to the park with our friend to play on the swings, when we didn’t know the meaning of stress or pressure. It was times like these we used to play ‘mummies and daddies’ or ‘pretend school’, how we used to look forward to growing up and becoming teenagers. However now, don’t you just wish you could reverse time, go back to being ten and remain that same carefree child? Those times when we thought being a teenager was all about the independence of riding a bus by yourself, or meeting friends at the cinema and staying up till late, little did we know about the little surprises that come with it: Sats, GCSEs and A levels.

Life will continue in its usual race of completing exams and competing with friends and creating a career for oneself, only to leave us panting for a breath. It is true what they say, childhood: enjoy it while it lasts.