We ladies spend more than $100 a month on make up, may look in the mirror at least 12 times a day and upload hundreds of photos of ourselves on Facebook... how vain! In all the time we waste, perfecting our appearances, we could go from getting our first job, to becoming retired! What is the reason therefore, that makes appearance every girl’s top priority? I’ll leave you to think about that one.

Some people go to such extremes to look beautiful, for example Cleopatra used to bathe in Asses milk, not because she didn’t have body wash, but because it ‘brings a glow to the skin’, not only that, but apparently applying raw egg to the hair makes it shiny... not to mention smelly! There were also the few who thought clear skin was more important than poisoned skin, as demonstrated by the Tudors who applied poisonous lead as a foundation and no, these are not tips for you to try at home! Modern day makeup is not as fatal, but is also harmful to the skin on repeated usage, causing dry, itchy skin and even allergic reactions for some.

It’s time to throw out the foundations and lipsticks and numerous colours of eyeshadow and embrace our inner ugly Bettys, because remember ladies, it’s what is on the inside that counts!