AN ENGLAND World Cup song by a group of builders is being re-released due to popular demand.

Young Stanley are back with Sing it for England, which they say is currently getting on average 5,000 hits a day on video website Youtube.

The six Bromley builders initially came up with the song for the World Cup in 2006, and it quickly became a fans’ favourite, getting airplay on Capital Radio and more recently, ITV’s London Tonight.

Two of the band members were born in 1966, the only time England has ever lifted the trophy, and the song entered the charts four years ago at number 66.

Bricklayer Jay Cranstoun, of Croydon Road, Coney Hall, said: “The original idea for writing the song was being born in 1966 and not remembering England winning.”

The 43-year-old says the men agreed whenever England do well in a tournament they have a good song like Three Lions in Euro 96 or World in Motion for World Cup Italia 90.

Mr Cranstoun said: “If England win the World Cup and the fans sing our song from the terraces then we’d be delighted.

“When asked would we rather England win it or we reach number one, we always say England to win and us to finish at number two.”

Despite 44 years of hurt, Mr Cranstoun fancies the nation’s chances in South Africa this summer.

He said: “We always get built up as a nation, but this year I think we’re as good as anyone else. We just need a bit of luck.”

The song is available on iTunes.