WOMEN joggers are under attack from a vicious crow with a long memory and a grudge against blondes.

Five runners in the space of ten days have fallen victim to the bird which has been diving down from the heavens to peck at their heads.

But Colin Jerwood, who runs the cafe and clubroom at Eltham Park South where the crow lives, claims it only has an eye for blonde females, attacking just one brunette so far.

He said: “At first I thought it was just a one off. But then it started attacking another blonde girl who was just running along.

“The rest of the time it just sits there looking menacing.”

So far the bird has only left one jogger with a minor scratch, but Mr Jerwood is concerned it could cause more harm.

He said: “It could really hurt you if it scratched your eyes.”

Park staff been trying to lure the crow down from its tree by making bird noises but so far the tactic has failed.

Mr Jerwood admitted: “It didn’t even bat an eyelid.”

Louise Morris, 43, of Gourock Road, Eltham, was one of the crow's first victims.

She said: "It took off and caught the top of my head.

"As I came back round a second time it was dive-bombing at me.

"I changed direction but it kept following me so I started using my water bottle to try and fend it off."

Tim Webb from the RSPB charity said a recent American study shows crows have a long memory.

He said: “If they’re disturbed or upset by any person they’ve encountered, the image will stay in their minds.

“At some point in the past this crow may have had a bad experience with a blonde female.”

He stressed that crow attacks are often meant as a deterrent rather than to injure someone, and the bird will usually target the victim’s head.

Mr Webb advised: “If people are still concerned they could wear a hard hat to offer some protection from the claws or beak.”