A MUM has won her campaign to have a Facebook group which promoted eating children banned.

The social networking site has removed the group 'I Love Eating Children' after 39-year-old Tammy Cornelius from Darenth spearheaded a campaign to have it banned.

Mum of three Mrs Cornelius says she was “sickened” by the group, which included mocked-up images of men eating babies and recipes for cooking children.

The 66 members of the group included people from Dartford, and some went by the names of notorious paedophiles, such as Gary Glitter.

Mrs Cornelius, of Ladywood Road, said: “As a mother, I was disgusted with the group. I found it so sick I wanted to bring it to the attention of other people.”

She reported the group to Facebook and encouraged other north Kent parents to do the same.

She was also planning on launching a petition calling for the removal of the group, which she would have handed to Gravesham MP Adam Holloway and Dartford MP Gareth Johnson.

However, Facebook removed the group yesterday, and a spokesman said: “We take all complaints by users seriously and we have a dedicated team investigating these complaints and comments.”

Mrs Cornelius says her success in getting I Love Eating Children shut down has made her want to campaign against other offensive Facebook groups.

She said: “I'm pleased Facebook has shut down the group, but there are still many more groups like this, and such groups shouldn't be allowed in the first place.”